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TransportWe are more than glad to be hosting the professionals of the sector at our IRAN FRUIT SHOW, the most fruitful platform for the fruit and vegetabl industry.

To visit IRAN FRUIT SHOW, you can sign up free of charge  via the Online Registration page and get your event admission card. 

Following your registration, you will be given the visitor guide that features the event layout plan and alphabetical list of exhibitors and make the most out of your visit with this guide.

Our solution partner that will provide accommodation services for our visitors during the event is GARDOONEH. You can access information about the company and list of recommended accommodation alternatives on our Solution Partners page.

Due to its location, Aftab Fair offers numerous transportation alternatives to and from the venue. These include personal cars, subway, taxi, and plane. Information about how to access the exhibition venue is available in the section titled accessing the venue . And in case you need transportations services, you can access information about our travel agency on the transportation and accommodation page.

If you are going to need a translator at your stand during your business deals, you can contact our visitor service officials to provide you with the necessary support.

The venue features a restaurant and cafeteria both located at the foyer.

For all your inquiries you can refer to the visitor services desk.
Tel : +98 9039615000

About the exhibition

The international trade of fresh products and the entire value chain of these products has a great contribution to the healthy nutrition of consumers around the world, and in many countries, fruit and vegetables are key and economic factors for which the demand is growing. Iran's vegetables are also a valuable treasure that has significant capacities to meet the growing demand due to its high diversity, excellent taste, world ranking in production volume and due to its quantity, quality and competitive price. The country has regional and global markets.

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