Dear Exhibitors and Visitors,
As the only specialized exhibition of iran and the region where big projects in the fruit & vegetables industry are being planned, IRAN FRUIT SHOW will continue to serve as a major commercial platform where representatives of the fruit industry and related sectors can establish international business connections, reinforce their existing contacts and gain access to new markets.
Apart from serving as a commercial platform for following the novelties and developments in the sector, IRAN FRUIT SHOW will also give the manufacturers in our country, the opportunity to expand their export opportunities and play an important role in helping foreign companies to enter the Iran and Middle Eastern markets.
IRAN FRUIT SHOW is a specialized and effective event geared towards the fruit industry that many professional exhibitors and visitors from the ohter Countries are preparing to meet in Tehran.
With all the excitement of meeting you at IRAN FRUIT SHOW 2022, we continue our preparations with diligence with our experienced team.
See you at IRAN FRUIT SHOW 2022 between 26-29 November 2022!

About the exhibition

The international trade of fresh products and the entire value chain of these products has a great contribution to the healthy nutrition of consumers around the world, and in many countries, fruit and vegetables are key and economic factors for which the demand is growing. Iran's vegetables are also a valuable treasure that has significant capacities to meet the growing demand due to its high diversity, excellent taste, world ranking in production volume and due to its quantity, quality and competitive price. The country has regional and global markets.

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