Fair Preparation

Technically, an exhibition is “a big market place featuring sales stands set up at a certain location with the purpose of promotion and marketing of commercial goods”. While making significant contributions to the economy of the region and the country they are organized in with the visitor they attract, exhibitions also provide the exhibitors with the opportunity to contact public institutions, private sector and academic institutions and academicians all at once. Careful planning prior to your visit would help you make the most out of your visit.
  • Determining the most appropriate exhibition that matches your sector and target group
  • Clarifying the purpose of participation
  • Preparing a budget for participation and calculating anticipated expenses
  • Determining the correct stand location and design that match your company’s products and services.
  • Preparing posters, visuals and written materials that match the message to be given at the event.
  • Selecting the exhibition personnel and giving them appropriate training
  • Selecting the service companies such as cleaning, host and hostess, catering services from which these services will be obtained
  • Selecting the company that will provide transportation services.
  • Planning for the activities to be held during the event such as events and meetings
  • Selecting the products and works to be exhibited at the event
  • Informing your customers and target audience about your participation in the event via bulletins.
  • Determining the method to keep visitor records during the event
  • Determining which videos to use to promote your company and products
  • Arranging sector related information that will give you a competitive advantage at the event
  • Visitor Information Form (It is important for keeping contact records of the visitors of your stand)
  • Order Forms and Agreements (You will need these documents for the orders you will make and agreements you will enter into at the exhibition)
  • Business cards
  • Official documents of your company (printed materials such as Letterhead stationery, Envelope)
  • Company seal
  • Copies of agreements made with the organizer of the event
  • Product brochures and product price lists
  • Promotion materials you will give out at the event
  • Press Releases
  • List of your special guests (Please inform the information desk about your special guests)
  • Exhibition Invitation (You can ask from the organizer company if you ran out of invitations)
  • Organizers and calendars
  • Computer
  • Copies of files from your computer at the office which you may need during the vent
  • A blank CD
  • A calculator
  • A camera
  • Cell phones and cell phone chargers
  • Complimentary items
  • Stapler, staples, punchers, paper-clips, pins, pens
  • Tape, packing tape, double-sided tape
  • Vacuum cleaner or chargeable vacuum cleaner
  • Hand forklift (A small and folding hand forklift for carrying your items will be very convenient during your entry and exit to and from the venue)
  • Rope (especially to use for packaging)
  • Nylon bags, trash bags
  • Your flags and pennant you will use at your stand
* Make sure you have all these listed items with you before arriving at the venue because you will encounter a big crowd in a short time during the event and unavailability of any of these items that may seem minor, may result in lost business!

About the exhibition

The international trade of fresh products and the entire value chain of these products has a great contribution to the healthy nutrition of consumers around the world, and in many countries, fruit and vegetables are key and economic factors for which the demand is growing. Iran's vegetables are also a valuable treasure that has significant capacities to meet the growing demand due to its high diversity, excellent taste, world ranking in production volume and due to its quantity, quality and competitive price. The country has regional and global markets.

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